Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Open to Suggestions

Do you remember those gum wrapper chains we used to make as kids? Well, a friend of my daughters has this really cool purse she got in Mexico that is made out of gum wrappers. So I got on the Internet and found some instructions on making a gum wrapper purse. I guess people are making them out of potato chip bags, cookie bags, magazine strips, etc. Well, I have a ton of magazines sitting around for collage and such so I decided to use those. I started making the purse, but as I'm plugging along I thought, oh, I could make an art journal or a mini book. So I made this for the front, and I was going to put some watercolor paper inside and make another like this for the back. My plan had been to bind it with my Bind-It-All machine, but it is too thick! I know they have a new machine out that might be able to get through it, but it's a bit pricey and I don't have one yet. The Big Bite would also probably work ~ but I don't have that either. My hole punch won't go through it. So I am open to suggestions on a binding for this book. In the meantime, back to my purse ... By the way the magazine papers are cut to 4-1/2 x 2 and you sew the rows together with fishing line or I got some Tandy black waxy thread at Ben Franklins. Please help me figure out how to bind this book! I'm looking for ideas!