Friday, October 17, 2014

Free Printable Mini Album - Thanksgiving Theme

I just posted the first of many printable mini albums to come over at our website.  This is a free printable mini album in PDF format that you can print at home and then decorate.  It includes 6 different pages, a collage sheet, a page of tags and tabs and a page of large tabs.  You can add any embellishments you like to your completed book and you can bind it in any way that is pleasing to you.  Rings, Bind-It-All, eyelets, etc.  Anything could work! 
Here is the link to the printable mini albums.  Thanksgiving Printable Mini Album.  The album is for personal use, but I would LOVE it if you shared the link with your scrapbooking friends and/or Pin It on Pinterest. 

I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Paper Bag Scrapbook Tutorial

I created a new tutorial for the main website the other day.  It's a variation of a paper bag scrapbook.  This one has a hard cover, both front and back and the bags are sewn together using the sewn tapes binding that I am still so hooked on.  I seem to be using it on a lot of my stuff these days.
I used 12 bags for this one and I think that's about right.  Many more and it would not lay properly when the book was closed.  But I do like the thickness of it like this.  Nice and fat! 
You can find the free tutorial on my Making-Mini-Scrapbooks website here:  Paper Bag Book.