Friday, July 18, 2014

Daughter's Wedding Takes Over Mom's Life

Wow, are we getting close.  Two weeks from tomorrow is the big day of my oldest daughter's wedding.  Last Saturday her bridesmaids threw her a bridal shower here at our home.  Here is a photo of the beautiful table they did.
Of course a ton of yummy finger foods were added to the table as well.  Tomorrow is another bridal shower being put on by the ladies of their church.  Did I mention that her fiance is a pastor?  They will be the pastoral couple for a small First Baptist Church in Nevada City and will be living 10 minutes from me.  Yeah!!

These next two weeks are going to be incredibly busy.  This is where all the little tiny details have to come together.  Who is going to pick up what when and bring it where?  The ceremony will be in their soon-to-be backyard and the reception across town at The Horsemen's Lodge.  Her maid of honor's mother has been amazing in helping with the decorations for that and the arch at the ceremony.  It is all so much work, but also so much fun.  What a very special time in our daughter's life!  Loving it!!!