Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wedding Bells

I have been working on a variety of things lately.  My oldest daughter is getting married in early August.  It is a short engagement and a simple backyard wedding with a potluck afterwards.  I know it sounds funny, but she is marrying a Baptist pastor.  Isn't that what they do?  LOL  Anyway, we started doing a lot of Pinterest in getting ideas for the wedding.  One that she found is an altered guest book, which she tasked me with creating.  Of course I had to make a trip to my local scrapbook store!  And then I found these really cool cards on Etsy.  They're a digital download and I am printing them on cardstock and including them throughout the book.  There are also little bags with tags inside that the guests can sign.  So it's sort of an either/or/both, whatever the guests want to do.  Hopefully the guests "get it."  We'll give instructions, but you never know.  Tell me what you think, please.

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Sue said...

Congrats to your daughter Debi!