Thursday, May 21, 2015

Free "Words" Printable

We made another Words collage sheet for you.  You can pick it up at our free collage sheet page on the website.  You can use these in your journals as prompts!  Wonderful Ideas (journal some ideas you have brewing), Treat Yourself (list ways you could treat yourself), Privacy (have enough?  Respect others'), Magic (whatever is magical to you), Wishing (what are you wishing for?), Simply the Best (in your opinion, what is simply the best), Favorite (so many directions to go with this one.  Favorite day, favorite color, favorite food, favorite TV show, etc.), Tranquility (what makes you feel tranquil?), Start Now! (what have you been putting off? What are you dreaming of doing?), Trends (in your life, that you see), Bliss (what's your bliss?), Goal Setting (set those goals!) ... 
You get the idea.  Enjoy!

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