Saturday, June 6, 2015

Is It a Boy or Is It a Girl?

Our oldest daughter, Andrea, is due to have her first baby (our first grandchild) at the end of October.  We are beyond excited about this new chapter of our lives.  Her and her husband are planning 4 children when all is said and done, so we are just in awe that there are four human beings that we haven't even met yet who will be so important to us!  Next Wednesday they will find out if it is a boy or a girl.  On Thursday the rest of the family gets to find out at the "reveal party."  I guess it's a thing these days, and a pretty cool thing it is.  I do not care if it is a boy or if it is a girl - all I care is that I will have a precious grandchild to love and cherish.  Obviously, I've had babies on the brain lately, so I put together two collage sheets for my Etsy shop.  One for baby boys and one for baby girls.  I'll let you know next week which one my daughter is having.

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